domenica 12 luglio 2009

London is amazing guys...we fell in love. It's totally an inspiration. Everyone has a personal style and the girls are so avantgarde. I'ts completely different from Milan. If you get the chance to go to London, obviously you have to go to Topshop in Oxford Steet. You'll love it!

Ok, you have to know we kinda have an addiction to sushi and soy souce! When we found the Wasabi (sushi and bento) it was like a dream come true, tons of sushi, lunch&dinner. But sushi wasnt enough.

There was this place called "Candy Cakes" in Covent Garden where they make amazing muffins with an icing coverage...tastes sooo good! It's totally a must to go there and try!

In Italy Starbucks is a legend. Everyone wants it but nobody can open one. I think the problem is that we drink another type of coffee. Anyways the Frappuccino tastes so good!! We love all the types and it's really a pity that we'll never have them in Milan.