mercoledì 12 agosto 2009

Three days between aborigines

Hy guys!How are you?sorry if we aren't posting a lot!

Last week I went three days in Achutupu..What is it, you may think...LOL!

Well, Achutupu is a little island in San Blas (Panama), its inhabitants are only aborigines and they live respecting their traditions and origins; they live in huts and sleep in hamacas.
I can say that they are against technology and this is why they live in this way.

It was a little bit hard to live three days without technology: no internet, no television, no my bathroom, no light, no electricity; however was an amazing experience! During these days I have learn lot of things about their traditions and now, more than ever I can comprehend how much lucky I am.

I visited different island: Mamitupu and Ustupu, I wanted to visit more islands, but it was not possibile, because in some (islands) aborigines were celebreting a particular cerimony and tourists could not enter, because they cannot have contacts with the external world!