martedì 21 settembre 2010

Milan, Social Media Week

Gab, Stefano Guerrini from http://www.webelieveinstyle.it/ and Jess

Yesterday we were invited to an amazing event planned by Stefano Guerrini and Augmendy. There were many Italian bloggers we were very happy to meet...we discussed about the importance of websites and blogs today in the fashion system!
This was just one of many parties and events planned for the fashion week in Milan, tomorrow it's the big day :)

Bianca from http://www.fashion-crowd.com/ and Stefano

Stefano, Rosella Degori from http://dirrtyboots.blogspot.com and Cecile from http://larmadiodeldelitto.blogspot.com/

Marta Stella from http://www.modaonline.it/ and Filippo Leone Maria Biraghi from http://www.flamboyantmagazine.net/

Jess and Dea from http://deamademoiselle.blogspot.com/