martedì 16 novembre 2010

Afternoon by Connexia

Last week Nicoletta from Connexia invited us to the new showroom, in order to present us the new products and clothes represented by the press office where she works.
Let's start from Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

Computer mouse by Fiat. Isn't lovely?

The original pen inspired by the first series of the legendary 500. The pen is available in the colours of the italian flag and in the solid colours, yellow or red.

Helmets, elettric coffee maker and decorated mugs by Fiat.

This is the first buggy/baby carriage created by Fiat.

Wine bottles branded by Alfa Romeo.

Brema jacket made in nappa leather.

Some multipower sports food

The new collection by Hello Kitty snow.

Bags and schoolbags by Invicta.

Sunglasses with leather details by GlassinG.

Shoes and flip flop by Levi's Footwear.

This is a stereo with detachable loudspeakers.

Flying video camera.

In the last pictures you can see the brands represented by Connexia: Levi's Footwear & Accessories, GlassinG, Hello Kitty Snow, FIAT, 500, Alfa Romeo, QUIKSILVER, QUIKSILVER Women, Invicta, Seven, RIFLE, SPY Optic, O'Neill eyewear, LIZARD, Yamaha, BYE and Gibson.

In some pictures of this post there is a special guest, he is Luca from Connexia.
We really want to thank Nicoletta for being always nice with us.