martedì 23 novembre 2010

DOLCE&GABBANA - Les arts decoratifs

Dolce&Gabbana will represent Italian fashion, creativity and craftsmanship as a part of the second edition of the exhibition " les années 1900-2000: Histoire Idéale de la Mode Contemporaaine. The event will take place from November 25th 2010 to June26th 2011 at Musée Des Arts Decoratifs.
Continuing in the footsteps of the first part of the exhibition, "Histoire Idéale de la Mode Contemporaine" aims to draft a path and synthesis analysis of some fashion's main personalities, whose taste and aesthetic affected the style of two decades, that between 190 and 1980, and that between 1990 and 2000.
Dolce&Gabbana will be represented with two creations extracted from, respectively, the collections "Le PinUp" ( A/W 1991/1992 ) and " NewSexyGlam" ( S/S 2007 ).
In the first case the chosen piece is a corset embellished with multi-coloured stones and charms, which became iconic when worn by Madonna at the 1991 "truth or Dare" premiere in New York.

In the second instance, the selected look is a corset-armor dress in laminated leather, chosen by another iconic figure our time:Lady Gaga