giovedì 4 novembre 2010

Piazza Sempione

On the occasion of the birth of the new web site piazzasempione.com, the brand has organized a meeting about Digital Experience Luxury and "new patterns of interaction between business and luxury market" .

At the event there were journalists, bloggers, online players and industry experts, such as:
Giuliano Noci, Mario Abis and Sara Maino.

The main discussion point was about the way of interaction between companies of fashion and the final consumer, particularly the modality of involvement, sharing and participation generate by the digital globalization, which shows a new declination of luxury, no more elitist but open to all.

The conference was really interesting. We think that is important to know the development of the luxury world and how it is changing.

Gab, Giorgia Virzi and Jess

special thanks to Cristina and Susanna.
If you wanna have a look at the new web site, just click the link http://www.piazzasempione.com/