lunedì 20 dicembre 2010

Shoothebreeze in Verona

If you follow our fan page on Facebook, you might know that we went in Verona for a couple of days.
The italian brand Fratelli Rossetti, asked us to work as photographers for an event that took place in one of their italian shops.
With the occasion, we spent two days in Verona and of course we took pictures to share with you.

Gab: shirt by HM, jeans by Replay and boots by Jo No Fui
Jess: Jacket and dress by Zara and vintage boots

Let's start telling you something about the event where we worked. The event was at Fratelli Rossetti's shop in Via Mazzini and there were some artisans teaching the art of a handmade shoe. It was quite interesting to follow their work. At the event there was also a " maitre chocolatier " that cooked delicious entrée using as main ingredient chocolate. Have you ever tried Parmesan with chocolate?Well, it's very tasty!!

Verona is mostly known for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, we couldn't lose the chance to visit Juliet's house. As you get into Juliet's house there are two walls full of lovely messages written by loving couples. Even if we are not a loving couple, we decided that it would have been super nice to leave a mark of our journey...and guess what we wrote?

( Yes, we are writing it everywhere ) :)

All of a sudden, it started to snow and Verona became totally white!

Coat by Mano, shoes by HM and bag by JanetJanet

We also visited the Arena of Verona. Here are some pics.

In a couple of days we are both leaving Milan and going back to our hometown to spend the holidays with our family. We'll be apart but we will try to do our best to keep you posted.

Happy Holidays!!!