sabato 14 gennaio 2012

Bohemians and dreamers for Costume National FW12/13

Milan fashion week started today and we had the pleasure to join some shows. 
Let's start to talk about Costume National!

Ennio Capasa, designer of the brand said:  " this collection was deisgned in the same spirit that made our style so influential in the 90's. After the excesses of marketing and creative dependence on finance, we want men with dreams, who love and live with a spiriti of independence and passion. Bohemians and dreamers ".
The FW12/12 man of Costume National is a truly bohemien. 
The collection proposes stylish dark look, with a touch of rock, but also total white outfits for a less aggressive look.

Total white outfit at the beginning of the show.

Micropattern and microcheck shirts 

Jacket + Rucksack

Shoe with palladium stainless toe

Clutch trasforming into shopping bag